At Fulfillment Bridge, we use our proprietary software to provide a cohesive experience for our customers.

Our tech-based solution integrates with a number of popular eCommerce platforms, global carriers, warehousing, crowdfunding, and other services for a seamless streamlining of your order fulfillment.

Thanks to this amazing partner ecosystem we have, we are proud to serve you and your customer the best way possible. 

What's waiting for you once you sign up? Well..

As soon as you sign up for a Fulfillment Bridge account, you'll be directed to our central portal. This homepage serves as your management console and you can find all you need on the top bar section (easy navigation). That means you can easily access your shops, products, ASN, Shipping Calculator, inventory, orders, billing, tracking, drop shipping, rules, RMA, and other account settings.

Here are the simple steps that you can take in one sitting to start streamlining your order fulfillment:

  1. Integrates your Shops - Add your online shop(s) URL and seamlessly integrate to the platform. You can manage different shops simultaneously.

  1. Import and activate your Products: Fulfillment Bridge helps you import your products automatically, manually, or from a CSV file. Then, you can start activating them on the available warehouse(s)

  1. Set your Inventory - Ready to send your first shipment of inventory to Fulfillment Bridge so that we can handle fulfillment on your behalf.

  1. Set your account - Enter all the necessary information about your business for administrative purposes.

That's it! you are done! that was easy, right! 

We will take it from there. No need to worry. Once you complete these steps, we will start accepting orders from your integrated shop and ship them out to your customers around the world.