1.  Create a return

From Orders > Shipped :

  1. 1)  Go to the order that will be returned and click the trolley’s icon

  1. 2)  In the return Pop up, Select the warehouse that you want the return to be shipped

back to.

  1. 3)  Enter the Tracking Number if you have it, otherwise leave this field empty, it can be

filled later

  1. 4) In Processing mode, Choose Put On Shelves if you want to put the item on

shelves as soon as they receive it or Discard to put it aside.

  1. 5) For each SKU enter the returning quantity

  1. 6) Confirm whether you want Fulfillment Bridge to send you photos of the returning

items by clicking the Photo Checkbox

  1. 7) Hit Generate RMA to create the return or Cancel to exist

➢ The new return will be listed under RMA > Open

2. Return instructions

  1. 1) From RMA > Open hit the view icon

     2.    2) Copy the Return code and the warehouse address from the pop up and share it with

your customer.

  1. Audit a return

From RMA > Open

   3.  1) Go to the return that you want to audit and hit the edit icon

   3.  2) Enter the Tracking Number

   3.  3) Hit save

➢ The Return will be listed under Pending Section and it will be effective from that


4. Cancel a return

From RMA > Open or RMA > Pending:

  1. 1) Go to the return that you want to cancel and click the delete icon, this will open a

confirmation pop up

      4.  2) Hit Delete to confirm the return cancellation or Cancel to exit.