1.1 Import from shop :

1- From you fulfillment Bridge interface go to Products 

2- Hit the plus button at the left side of the products menu


3- Click Import from Shop from the options list

4- Select the shop which you plan to import the products from and click Next, Fulfillment Bridge will list all the products available in your shop and that had not been imported to Fulfillment Bridge yet. 

5- Choose the products or variants you intend to import and click Next

1.2 Import manually

From Products page: 

1- Hit the plus button 

2- Click Import manually , The products information field will appear below 

3- Enter the product title, the weight and the weight unit, the dimensions and the dimension unit unit, the price, the vendor and the product description 

4- If you want to add product images, Hit Select Images button and locate the image in your device or drag and drop the image into the image field  

5- Hit the add variant button to add the product variants, this will open a variant creation pop up.

6- Enter the SKU and the description of the first variant variant 

7- Enter the product title, the weight and the weight unit, the dimensions and the dimension unit unit, the price, the vendor name and the product description 

8- Hit the add another variant button if you want to create more variants under the same product and fill in the fields as per the previous one. 

9- Hit Submit to approve the product creation or Close to exit ➢ The new product and its variants will be listed in draft section of the product page

1.3 Import from a CSV file  

From Products page: 

1- Hit the plus button 

2- Click Import From CSV File 

3- Download the CSV template by clicking the Template button 

4- Open the CSV file, preferably, with Excel . 

5- Fill in the product and variant details and enter the images URLs in the Product Image column

Note: If the same product contains more than one variant, each of these variants should be preceded by the same product details. 

6- Click Choose your csv products file and locate your CSV file

7- Hit Upload Product button to bulk import all products and variants from the file and wait for the import confirmation. 

➢ If the file is successfully imported the products will be listed under draft section

2. Edit a product  

From Products>Draft : 

1- Select the product or the variant you want to edit

2- Click the edit button in the product row to edit product information or from the variant row to edit the variant details, You will be to a new edit tab. 

3- Adjust the product or the variant details and delete or add images. 

4- Hit Save

3. Delete products 

From Products>Draft: 

1- Select to the product or the variant you want to delete 

2- Click the delete button in the product row if you want to cancel the product with all its open variants, or click the delete button in variant column to cancel a specific variant

4. Activate a Product

From Products > Draft: 

1- Select the list of variants you want activate.

2- Click Activate button at the upper left of the products list, This will open a pop up showing a list of the available warehouses. 

3- In the pop up, tick the warehouse you want to activate your variant on

4- Update the product title and the SKU and Enter the product Chinese title if needed 

5- Confirm the product declared value, this value will be shown to the customs as the product price 

6- Confirm whether your product contains a battery or not 

7- Select the category of the product from Category drop down


8- Hit Activate to activate one single product or Activate all Variants in the bottom of Activation pop up to activate all the variants at once 

➢ Once successfully activated, the variant will be listed under Pending Validation Section waiting for the Fulfillment Bridge admin validation. 

➢ After the variant being approved by the FB admin it will be displayed under Activated Section and the user will be able to create an ASN for this activated variant.