1. Create an ASN: 

From ASN page: 

1- Hit the plus button at the upper left of the ASNs list, a list of the available warehouses will be shown.

2- Choose the warehouse you want to store the goods in. 

3- Hit Add product button 

4- From the pop up, select a variant or a list of variants 

5- For each variant: 

a) Enter the total quantity to be sent 

b) Enter the number of the first and the last box that will contain this variant, each carton should contain unique SKU 

c) Tick the add on services offered by fulfillment bridge if needed 

6- Choose how the ASN will be transported to the warehouse in Shipping mode section 

7- Enter a reference for the ASN, this is optional and it should be unique



8- Click Save to store a draft of the ASN in open section, click Process to approve the ASN

2. Approve an open ASN

From ASN > Open: 

1- Select an ASN 

2- Click Process button at the upper left of the ASN list, if no exception occurs, the ASN will be listed under Processing