Am I A Good Fit For Fulfillment Bridge?

If you own an eCommerce store or have a crowdfunding project and you are looking for cross border fulfillment services, then the answer is yes. Some of the popular products we manage include watches, fashion accessories, electronics, toys, home goods, accessories, and apparel. 

Not sure if your products fit the criteria? Send us an email at or give us a call. We are happy to answer all your questions and inquiries.

Do You Handle Fragile Products?

If you are shipping fragile items, please make sure each fragile product is pre-packed in protective packaging (such as sealed bubble bags, etc.) that can pass a 1.5 meters drop-test. Fulfillment Bridge will not be responsible for any damaged items due to this setup. 

Are There Any Products That Are Restricted Or Prohibited?

Yes. There are a number of products that we do not offer fulfillment services for, which include:

  • Hazardous products.

  • Any products related to illegal activities including fraudulent or counterfeit products.

  • Any product, which is illegal under the applicable laws in the jurisdiction where our warehouse is located, or the product’s place of origin.

  • Any product requiring a license or other regulatory approval in the jurisdiction where our warehouse is located, the product’s place of origin, or its destination (e.g., precious metals, drugs, and pharmaceutical products, firearm, and ammunition).

  • Temperature and/or pressure-sensitive items and liquids, including without limitation aerosol spray and other pressurized products.

  • Any product with specific storage or transportation restrictions and/or limitations (e.g., lithium-ion batteries).

  • Vintage or antiques.

  • Flammable liquids including, without limitation, perfumes.

  • Perishable food products and/or climate-controlled warehouse products such as frozen goods.

  • Any product requiring ID verification (e.g., tobacco and e-cigarettes, alcohol, and knives).

  • Any product loaded with or containing the monetary value (e.g., cash equivalents, gift cards, money orders, checks, coins).

  • Adult, adult-themed, and/or sexually provocative products.

Please note: Shipping carriers and specific destinations may have additional limitations and prohibitions beyond those of Fulfillment Bridge, for which you are solely responsible under the applicable local laws, terms and conditions, and policies/or governmental bodies. 

You are expected to conduct independent research to ensure that the products sent to our warehouse comply with the foregoing limitations.