Can I Send An Order Via Email Or Fax?

Fulfillment Bridge doesn't accept orders by phone, email, or fax.  You can either enter them manually, import them automatically from your shopping cart, or upload them in a CSV file to our platform.

How Do I View My Order And Inventory Data?

Once you create your account and import your orders, you can easily access your data anytime, from any device. We offer a real-time tracking number so you can monitor and stay up-to-date with your stock levels, orders, and shipments.

What happens when a customer's order displays "delivered" but they did not receive it?


Fulfillment Bridge offers hassle-free parcel insurance, if the parcel was not delivered, damaged, stolen, or incomplete, the seller can place a claim through Fulfillment Bridge system covering the full amount of the parcel. This is a paid service that the client has to opt for before placing the order. Fulfillment Bridge will not cover non-insured parcels.