Where Are You Located?

We are conveniently located in 16 countries around the world:

  • Americas: United states: NJ, NY, LA / Canada 
  • Europe: United Kingdom  / France / Italy / Spain / Czech Republic/ Poland 
  • Asia: China: Shenzhen / Hong Kong / Australia/ Saudi Arabia/ United Arab Emirates

Our warehouses are situated close to major international airports, allowing for fast turnaround times on outbound shipping and the receiving of imported goods.

Can I Come to Visit Your Warehouse?

The short answer is no. Our primary concern is to protect our clients’ products, brands, and IP confidentiality. So we adopt a stringent entry policy to specific areas in our warehouses, only for clients, prospective clients, members of the press, etc. 

Regardless, we are more than happy to meet you and discuss any of your questions, concerns, or simply to get to know each other. You can call or email us to set up a meeting at your convenience.

What happens if my inventory is lost or damaged?

Today we don't cover inventory losses. Otherwise, we run an unlimited risk. We always recommend that clients have their own inventory insurance. We are also working with our underwriter to have a global policy covering our international network of warehouses. where the client can opt-in for inventory insurance.