Which Shipping Carriers Do You Work With?

We have a broad and strong alliance with international shippers partners both domestically and internationally. 

This includes carriers such as USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS 

Our diversity of resources and big volumes enable our clients to experience speedy shipment at  very competitive pricing.

How Long Does It Take For You To Receive My Products?

As soon as your products arrive at one of our warehouses, they are marked as “Received”. 

Then, once the products are inspected, and the quantities are verified, we send you an email to update you and inform you that they are ready to ship.  All in the same day. 

My Supplier Is In China But I Am Interested To Use One Of Your Oversea Warehouse, Can You Help Shipping The Goods From China To The Oversea Warehouse?

Yes, we can ship your goods from your Chinese supplier to any of our warehouses around the world. We also handle the freight forwarding and customs clearance on your behalf, offering a one-stop logistic service.

Is it possible to change the address on a package that is already shipped? 

that depends on the shipping option used, but in most cases, it is difficult to alter the shipping address once the parcel is shipped out.

Does Fulfillment Bridge send tracking information to my customers?

Yes. Once the order is processed the information will be sent automatically to the seller's shop, and the end customer with the tracking number, tracking link and which products had been shipped

Can I request to expedite the delivery date?

Fulfillment Bridge offers a wide range of shipping options, an online seller while placing the order can choose the appropriate shipping option depending on the lead time. Once an order is shipped we cannot expedite it.