Can You Help Me With Other Projects Such As Labeling Or Kitting?

Yes. We offer kitting, bagging, and labeling services. However, these services are offered as add-ons for our existing clients, and not as a standalone service. Reach out to us on our for details and pricing

Do You Support Custom Packaging?

We provide standard packaging to orders we ship. However, some clients require custom packaging, so they often opt for ready-to-ship packaging options, and we certainly support that. 

Simply put, products that come to us in branded outer packaging are shipped as-is. The product arrives at your customer’s door beautifully custom-branded.

How Does Fulfillment Bridge Protect My Products And Data?

The protection of our clients’ confidential information and privacy is of paramount importance. We impose the strictest measures to safeguard all clients’ data. On-site cameras and staff prevent any unauthorized intrusion into our warehouse, operational, and management facilities.

Is Fulfillment Bridge GDPR compliant?

Yes. Since we are running an international business and the EU represents one of the biggest markets where we are operating, Fulfillment Bridge adopted best practices in terms of GDPR. 

What type of packaging options do you support?

We provided standard mailers, padded bubble envelopes, and standard cartons. We also allow the usage of customized packaging.